We design your furniture thinking exactly at your needing, at the placement and utilization in the time and in your spaces.

Interior Design

We design your spaces in function your needing, in function of the spaces capacity and your styles.

Material choice

We choosing the best material for your furniture, starting from our know how, furniture utilization in the time to guarantee the maximum resistance in the years and your satisfaction.


we arrange the transport of the furniture with ours vans and ours staff, or with transporters of our total trust.


Ours specialized staff, providing to assembly the furnitures in yours spaces, with the maximum care and professionality .

Payment in installments

we thing to loan request for We thin to loan request for installments payment of your furniture including design, shipping and assembly.

Handcrafted furniture, made in italy, Florence, Tuscany

Workshop in Tuscany

We producing in ours joinery in Terranuova Bracciolini, Arezzo, with skilled labor and selected.

Our staff have decades of experience and become part of ours family after a long test time and selection.

Our production based on handicrafts and quality; on the extreme care of particulars and trims, consent to us working only with workers that have ours total trust.